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    Hi there,

    So my galaxy note 4 is having some serious problems for the last couple of days and it's really starting to bother me. I've tried doing everything I can find online so far but to no avail I've had no luck at all. Basically, my phone constantly keeps freezing and restarting. It will crash for quite a period of time then restart itself, crash and restart. It probably crashes and freezes about 80-90 times a day? More if I'm trying to use it of course (It also resets itself when not using it).

    I've tried everything, bought a replacement (genuine) battery and not fixed it. Got to the point where I seen online about doing a factory reset so I backed everything up to my computer, started the factory reset and when I was going through the setup of logging into google and samsung account, it continues to crash and freeze all over again. (It crashed & restarted whilst retrieving my apps from google, thus I had to reinstall my apps again manually after I finally got it setup again).

    To make matters worse, I cancelled the insurance cover last month and only a few days ago this started happening. I've not dropped the phone or damaged it in anyway, screen is completely perfect too. It just constantly crashes and restarts on it's own. Get a phone call and it crashes, using google maps, crash. It's beyond unusable now. I still have 4 months left of the contract before I'm due an upgrade and I really don't think it will last me that long.

    Can someone PLEASE help? Suggestions would be so helpful!!!

    Thank you!
    09-11-2016 05:10 PM
  2. belodion's Avatar
    A faulty power switch perhaps, or a bad SD card?
    Also, have you considered reflashing the stock firmware?
    09-12-2016 04:41 AM

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