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    I bought my S4 right after it was released and its still working like a champ. For that reason I decided to hold on to it when I needed to switch from Verizon to At&t recently. However since then I've been experiencing a bug where whenever I recieve a MMS my number will be added to the distribution list twice so whenever I send a message I immediately receive it as well.

    For example, lets say I compose a group text with 2 other friends. It will send fine and I won't recieve that text I sent them but when one my friends responds it will not appear in the thread I created. Instead it will come in as a new thread with those two friends and a third contact, "My Name Card", included. This of course is a contact with my number. Therefore when I reply to this new thread I will see my sent message and also receive the same message from "My Name Card".

    Not only is it annoying to recieve all my messages back to me but because At&t limits sending group texts to 10 people and my phone automatically adds myself to the distribution, I can only reply to group texts with 9 people or less.

    Can anyone please explain how to correct this?
    09-11-2016 10:59 PM

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