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    So at about 4AM last night my S4 started making the "plugged-in" notification sound over and over again. Despite unplugging it and plugging it back in several times, it would say it was charging, but would then stop, and resume the dinging notifications. Additionally, a "Power Sharing" notification kept popping up during this. I tested out the S4 with all my chargers to no avail, computers wouldn't recognize it anymore either.
    I've had charging issues with Androids before, and I figured it was probably a similar problem to my Nexus 4's worn out charging port. For some reason the the connector inside the port would angle lower and touch the metal contact at the bottom and would short out the battery life. The S4 looked similar to this symptom, so I took a miniature flat-head screw driver and slightly angled it back up.
    Attempting to charge it again, this time it made a hissing noise, followed by a strong burning smell. I immediately unplugged the phone, took off the back case and battery and found some slight liquid gathered up around the charging port area. I've read that hissing might happen if the port is wet prior to charging, which was not the case here. It had just been sitting on my wooden nightstand the whole night, no water nearby.
    So as of right now I just have the whole thing disassembled sitting in a bowl of rice with no idea what to do next. Any body ever had similar problems like this?
    09-12-2016 09:49 AM
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    The beginning of your post made it sound like your charging port was "going bad". After you used the screwdriver, it now sounds like it's "definitely bad"... especially since you got that burning smell. You most probably shorted something out when you used the screwdriver and after you plugged in the cable, charging current fried something. That hissing sound you heard was probably something getting fried! Rice won't do anything for your phone at this point. A repair center might be your only hope if you can't do the repairs yourself.
    09-13-2016 05:57 AM

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