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    First generation Moto G power button stuck in. I opened it up, removed the button and found that the power switch that is behind the button wasn't connected to the circuit board any more. I put it back together without the power button so I can still use it (plugging/unplugging from AC adapter or receiving a call turns screen on).

    Does a new switch actually require soldering, or does it just plug in somehow? I'm not sure what broke, but it almost seemed like there were two metal levers (kinda like seesaws) that might allow a new switch to slide in, but might only be something from broken switch that's still attached to the circuit board.

    Where exactly can I get a compatible switch? I'm having trouble finding specific eBay item or other sure fit, but really need to know whether I can fix it myself, armed with my limited funds, limited intelligence and multiple thumbs. I haven't seen anything that specifically shows how to replace it, but found useful links to opening it up, which is why I haven't broken anything yet.
    09-12-2016 10:13 PM

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