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    I've recently had a lot of trouble keeping my LG G2's battery up, and I've tried everything I can think of short of putting in a new battery.

    Right now, my battery drains while plugged in and almost nothing is running. I've just run a factory reset and begun to reinstall about a dozen apps. When I reset, the phone was at 32%, after 20 minutes - while plugged in - I'm at 21%.

    When I go to the battery settings, it says a full charge will take 7+ hours from now.
    Wifi is on. Location/GPS, data, sync, ect. are off. No apps running. While turned off, the phone took 10 minutes to go up 3%.

    Here are other things I've tried:

    - Four different phone-charger cables.
    - Two different chargers, one "fast charger" and another that came in the phone's.
    - Several different outlets in multiple rooms of the house, each that had other things plugged in working fine.

    What else could possibly be wrong? Did my battery simply short out overnight? I've been having intermittent charging issues for about a week now, but today it just hit rock bottom.

    Please help.
    09-13-2016 01:52 PM
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    Since you have already tried different chargers, cables, and outlets, I'm going to have to go with a bad battery. Li-Ion batteries are actually quite fragile and any number of circumstances can cause problems. One of the most common is heat. Excessive heat can diminish battery life.

    Another common killer of Li-Ion batteries is "deep cycling". This is what it's called when you let the battery get very low and then charging it all the way back up. This will definitely shorten the lifespan of a Li-Ion battery. Li-Ion batteries don't develop a "memory" like the old Ni-Cd batteries did, so there is no need to let them run down before recharging. Li-Ion batteries actually prefer many short charges, as opposed to a single long charge.

    Similarly, Li-Ion batteries do not like being discharged all the way. If a Li-Ion battery gets too low on charge, it can actually prevent it from being recharged, just like a car battery. Sometimes, you can find people who will give a dead battery a "bump-charge" but this can be dangerous as the battery is effectively damaged at that point.

    If the device is still under warranty (it should be) then I would recommend taking it back to the place you purchased it and see if they will swap out the battery for you. If not, contact LG and see if they will ship you a replacement. Sometimes stuff just get made wrong. There is an expected percentage of defective equipment in mass-manufacturing. That's the reason companies have warranty periods. You may have just gotten "lucky" and purchased a phone with a defective battery. Hopefully, one of those two companies will make it right for you quickly. Good luck.
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    09-13-2016 03:34 PM

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