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    I have a strong suspicion my cell phone has been hacked . to make it simple my ex had my phone for a few days . i have been noticing weird stuff happening with it ever sense . getting super hot for no reason . all my pictures disappeared . people say my voice is always cutting in and out even tho i have full bars . and have been noticing weird files in my file manager . some geocoding where it shows exact addresses of where i go . files with symbols and numbers .. And a bunch of other files that i had to dig to find after doing some research ... My ex bf is all into that stuff bc he unlocks firesticks and uses all those apk installers and add ons and linux and just all that stuff although i got a new phone and new number i just want to know for my own sanity this is gonna drive me nuts. I feel like im being paranoid or crazy and i just wanted to know what kind of suspicious files and stuff like that could be spyware ? Could he somehow be using his nvidia shield to moniter me ? What files should i look for ? Like i said i just want to know for my self .
    09-13-2016 02:08 PM
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    So... it's entirely possible that the answer could go either way. If you are really concerned about it, your best bet is to just do a factory reset. Keep in mind, this will delete any photos or downloaded files on the device itself (not the SD card) and you will have to reinstall all your apps.

    Before you do that, though, Google how to boot your device into "Recovery mode". Usually, it's something like "hold volume down while the device turns on". Once you're in recovery mode, look at the very top of the screen and see if it says something like "Bootloader: Locked". On some phones, it just says "S ON". If you see it saying something like it is unlocked or "S-off" that means that your phone has been rooted, and there *could* be stuff installed that is not completely removed by a simple Factory Reset. I mention this only because you said your ex was into unlocking devices and flashing custom firmwares. *IF* this is the case, you will need to find and reflash the original firmware for your device. I am afraid I can't be much more help than that without at least knowing what model device you have.
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    09-13-2016 03:24 PM

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