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    Following AT&T's August OS update (adding WiFi calling to Android 6.0), the battery drain rate for my H900 LG V10 approximately doubled. After researching online, I decided that a "Factory reset" made sense as a potential corrective.

    I carefully backed up my phone to my Windows 10 PC using the OEM's LG Bridge software. I then did the factory reset. But when I try to restore my phone content using LG Bridge, I invariably get an error message (appearing ~42% through the "Preparing items to restore" phase) saying "The backup is corrupted and cannot be restored."

    I've rebooted both the phone and PC, but the message persists. The same message appears if I try to restore the next most recent LG Bridge backup (3 weeks old).

    One possible contributing factor is that after performing the backup, I swapped out my SD card for another (larger) one. I returned the original SD card to the reset phone and tried again to restore, but LG Bridge then no longer recognizes the phone and issues an error message "Your mobile device is not supported by LG Bridge. Use PC Suite IV . . ."

    There appears to be minimal support for LG Bridge on the LG website, and a call to the LG support number was not helpful. I'm very concerned to recover all my lost settings (particularly the calendar, contacts, and log data, etc.), and would greatly welcome any help in recreating data from the LG backup file to the maximum extent possible.
    09-14-2016 12:37 PM

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