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    OK DroidHeads. I have an issue and no one seems to be able to answer it. So I am hoping one of you guys may be able to.

    So my wife and I both have Motorola Moto X Pure phones. Love them. Great phones so far. But we may have just hit a headache. We both have Marshmallow (6.0.1 I believe). We were both enthralled by the idea of using the SD cards as internal memory. Considering we both got 16gb models, we decided some fast 32gb SD cards were in order. We got them, they work great. Everyone is happy...until about 3 days ago.

    My wife's SD card is no longer being read. All the apps on it are not showing on the device, none of the photos, etc. Go into storage, its as though no card is there. I tried popping in a spare SD card I had, same thing. Not recognizing a card in the slot. Same with even another spare. OK, this is hardware related, not the card. So we didn't lose the data (tons of pics). Or did we?

    I pop the card into my laptop, and it can't be read. Because Android Marshmallow encrypts the SD card being use for internal storage. So all the data on this card is completely inaccessible. Which brings me to the question at hand. Motorola looks like they will fix the issue as the phone is still under warranty. But they have straight up told me that the device will come back wiped. If the phone is wiped, and I pop the SD card back in, will it be recognized? If the encryption key based on the software itself? Will a fresh Android Marshmallow fail to recognize this SD card? Or will it recognize the hardware it was being used on, and the card be salvageable? Tell me someone here has an answer that the boneheads at Motorola could not provide.
    09-14-2016 08:45 PM

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