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    I record some videos on my camcorder and I can upload them to my computer. Since I am starting out in a way just to do that took a while to figure out. But I got that far. I've made a couple short movie clips and saved it to play on PC. When I bought this PC in 2010, decent rig I think, I got Adobe Premier Elements 8. I am just getting around to figuring it out but have a lot of questions. Instead of asking and trying to find someone here who is familiar with APE 8 I think it would be good to just watch some videos. There are not a lot of videos for 8 on youtube and since each newer version has a slight change to it, it is tough to try to figure how to navigate to where they are saying. What do you think, should I stay with 8 and just try to figure it out or install a newer version? The big question is do I have to pay to upgrade? If I do I may say forget it. It looks like version 14 is out. Should I get it and do I have to pay for the upgrade? I'm just looking at something where I can get video help with whatever version I get. I am having problems with customizing titles. So what do you all think?
    09-18-2016 03:07 AM

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