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    Meaning, is the T1114 still a better device overall? I know the basic differences, like not being able to plug ethernet into the AC791L, and the T1114 allows a phone line. But wondering if someone knows why Verizon is discontinuing the T1114, because when we went in to get ours fixed, they said they aren't carrying them anymore and tried to get us to replace it with a lesser Jetpack. I believe that the AC791L has the 5ghz wifi a, ac, n? And my T1114 only has a,b,g,n, I think. So my question is basically this. My husband and I use our Novatel T1114 when we travel, and we do use the ethernet ports for certain printers. We never use the phone capability any longer, and we can't use it on battery power, because that ship has sailed. We love having a good antenna plugged into it for stronger signal (think that would be the same with the Jetpack)? So how much faster signal would we be getting than we currently get from the Nova, and again, battery power might not be an issue, because we are used to just plugging in our current one. Also, if you recommend the T1114, there are plenty for sale online right now, assuming they aren't willing to fix the Wifi in ours. This isn't one of those things where they intentionally turned off our wifi is it? We don't have an unlimited data plan, so can't imagine why they would want to turn it off. But you never know! Thank you for any suggestions or opinions regarding fixing the T1114, replacing with another one, or switching to the AC791L.
    09-22-2016 05:14 AM

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