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    My Samsung Tab S 10.5 (wifi, model T800) just received an OTA Marshmallow 6.0.1 update from Samsung... but it doesn't seem to have worked. It was running Lollipop previously and I was shocked to see a Marshmallow update already downloaded and waiting to install today as I expected it to be stuck at Lollipop for good. This is just a wifi model (not from a cellular carrier).
    I ran the update and even though the About Phone area says it's on 6.0.1 and the firmware version is now MMB29K.T800XXU1CPH7 it still looks and seems to work EXACTLY the same way as it did before the update. The app icons on my homescreen are the same, the whole user interface is the same, Settings is laid out exactly the same way as before, when I double press the home button the camera app doesn't start up (it still starts up S Voice like it always did). I'm kind of baffled here. After the update on the first startup I had to choose between two launchers; Touchwiz or a kids launcher, so I chose Touchwiz. Also, I tried restarting it and when I did it updated two more apps on the turquoise gears screen before starting up again. Still looks like its on Lollipop though. I tried another restart and it restarted normally. Still looks and acts like its on Lollipop. The only noticeable differences I can see is that the Samsung logo is all white now when the tablet boots up and there's a little round user (light blue with a white face) icon to the right of the battery icon on the lock screen that wasn't there before. That's it.
    Any ideas? It seems like I should see a much bigger difference than this after a major update, and I know how Marshmallow looks and works because I have a Note 5 as well. This went from being a great surprise to a total letdown :/
    09-22-2016 10:13 PM
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    Try to install a new app from playstore, if it asked to accept permissions before install, then u r still on lollipop

    Moreover, checm samfirmware.com if this firmware version is LP or MM
    09-23-2016 04:39 AM

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