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    I do not want my phone to be able to connect to any wifi anywhere but I want to be able to text and talk. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 phone. My phone company has already turned off my data but the wifi still connects to the internet. I know I can get a basic flip phone but then it will be difficult to do texting on a basic phone. Also I want to be able to control when the wifi is turned on or off. I do not want the person who may use my phone to be able to turn it on or off. How can I lock the access to the wifi if it cannot be removed or permanently deactivated? I saw a response on the internet a few months ago but I can't find it now. Someone said that you can remove the application that connects to the wifi. If you can tell me how to do that it would be greatly appreciated.
    09-25-2016 04:44 AM

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