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    I have a LG K8 (model#: US375) running android marshmallow.
    This morning my screen popped up saying the kernel crashed, and it said hit volume up to restart. So i hit volume up, and ever since then, I've been in a boot loop.

    When i turn my device on, my device goes to the lg life's good screen, than the us cellular screen like normal. Until it reaches a screen saying "Android is starting, Optimizing app 1 of 3", and so on till 3. After it's done, it goes right back to the carrier screen and restarts the process.

    I've tried holding down 'the power button + volume down' at start up to try to hard reset, but that doesn't work.

    I don't know what else to do, any help?
    09-25-2016 06:51 PM

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