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    I'm going overseas. Verizon's overseas calling plan is not cheap while SIM cards where I'm going are. So I planned to buy a SIM card there and access texts and visual voicemail messages thru Verizon's PC app on my phone.
    But now I just talked to a Verizon phone rep who says that when I put the other SIM card in my phone, it's not like my Verizon phone is off, and people can still leave me messages and texts, which is what I'd assumed. She says that when they call or send a text they'll get a msg saying subscriber not found or number not in use or something.

    Would love to test this to be sure but I don't have a spare SIM card lying around.
    Can anyone confirm? I have a Samsung S7 Edge. Thanks!
    09-26-2016 02:00 PM

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