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    My phone starts constantly, whether it's in my pocket or just sitting on a table, which also makes it overheat, constantly. Unfortunately, it also means that it is constantly opening apps that I have no intention of using because something has touched something on the open screen. I suddenly hear music or some random conversation coming from my pocket because my phone was on and decided to go to YouTube or Pandora or butt-dialed someone. Really???
    I have a couple of apps that let me shut down background apps and check the temperature to cool it down, etc., which I use regularly (mostly because I HAVE to!).
    I've also noticed that, with each update, more and more Android background "processes" are added. All that crap is blowing up my phone and also causes it to overheat.
    Mostly, I just want to know how to prevent my screen from coming on by itself, whether it's from a notification or whatever. I don't care. PLEASE just make it stop!!!
    09-26-2016 02:25 PM

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