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    I'll try give as much background as possible, this may take a bit to explain fully. I am using Handcent SMS as my texting app and a Sony Xperia Z1 with android version 5.0.2

    In the past, my phone would have trouble sending texts that were well over 50 pages long (approximately 150 characters*50, so texts longer than ~7500 characters long). Don't ask why I make such long texts, this is just how I talk with some of my friends and family. What would happen is that my phone would try send the text (would show the spinning circle), but after 10 seconds of attempting to send it, my phone would just go bonkers and tell me"message not sent" for every page in the text I tried to send. Naturally, my phone would be vibrating for a good 5-10 minutes at a time just to tell me that all those pages didn't send. I ignored the problem, and if I ever made my texts longer than 7500 characters, I'd split my text up and it would send just fine.

    As of recently, texts as short as 10 pages (or 1500 characters) won't send now, when in the past I had no trouble sending texts as long as 40 pages (6000 characters). This meant that every time I'd want to send a large text, it would have to be segmented even further. This was far too tedious of a task for me, so I looked around on other forums to see if anyone had a solution to text sending issues. Many suggested that if you have too many texts, it may cause issues.

    I attempted to delete conversations of people I no longer talked to that had many texts (over 2000), but Handcent SMS would simply freeze if I tried to delete any conversation longer than 200 texts. I even tried to leave my phone on overnight after attempting to delete a conversation and found that when I woke up, my phone was still frozen. It however was telling me in an alert that Handcent SMS stopped working and asked if I would like to wait or close the application.

    After some searching around, I found that the solution to this problem was to download another application called Search & Delete SMS in order to delete these long conversations. It worked, and I deleted all my useless conversations just fine. I reset my phone and Handcent SMS no longer showed those conversations.

    Upon doing this deletion, I have experienced even more problems. Not only did that not resolve my long text sending restrictions, but now Handcent SMS runs stupidly slow. Every time someone texts me, I'll receive a duplicate text anywhere from 2-20 minutes after the fact. This contributes to the app running slow and will freeze up completely when it anticipates an incoming text or duplicate.

    I have deleted Search & Delete SMS, but that resolved nothing. I have been trying to ignore the problem, but it's getting to be too tedious to even use my phone anymore.

    What am I even to do at this point?
    09-27-2016 02:27 PM

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