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    all my coworkers with iPhones are ridiculing me. My S7 will not display an icon badge when i get a new email. So i miss handling important emails in time. I finally figured out how to get the numbered badges on texts and voicemail -but no tech support person in the world can fix this for the inbox icon. SO people are sending me texts to tell me i have a new email from them. Gotta love that.

    My company forces the load and use of airwatch on our phones. Yes we are using an exchange server. And outlook for email. I imaging a ton of other third party applications are running in the background too......

    I am missing my BB (feel free to ridicule me for that too but it was great for email handing). I've spent about 16 hours trying to reconcile this badge thing.

    You might say why do you want the email badge so bad? Well, I want to look at my phone quickly and see if i have any new emails. The very very small envelop icon signifying a new email in the top section of the home screen is too small for humans.

    So the iPhone looks good, just cant get one right now. Anyone have a fix for me? Yes "notifications" are turned on. I do get audible and vibration notification on new emails, just not the numbered badge.... Frustrating.
    09-28-2016 03:15 PM

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