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    I have a Doogee X5. Recently, i bought a SD card and since i got it, my laptop (that is brand new) doesn't recognize my cell phone anymore. Actually, nothings happens, it's only telling on my phone's screen that its charging, but, you know, i want to transfer music and other files to my newcomputer, right? So i tried a complete reset of the phone (because it doesn't work on no computer att all), but it didn't help. Before the SD card, it was working well, but since i put it in the phone, anything goes. Then i tried "just answer" site with experts helping you. I had a chat with a guy and he told me to do this (resuming):
    go in "About phone" in the settings, then clic on "Build number" several times until it tells you are a developer, then get one page back and go in "developer options", then activate "stay awake" and "USB debugging". Now trying hooking the phone to the pc.

    And it worked the first time, but after that i tried unplugging and replugging it to see if it still works, but no, it didn't work twice.

    Someone can help with that? Thanks a lot
    09-28-2016 06:08 PM

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