1. AC Question's Avatar

    When I receive a response to my TripAdvisor forums questions, I receive an e-mail notification.

    The e-mail has a link, which lets me jump straight to the forum discussion.

    This has always worked when I had an i-phone.

    I swithced to a Samsung Galaxy S7 yesterday, and now the links do not work.

    I do have the Tripadvisor App, so not sure if that interferes with it?

    When I click on the link, it tries to load the page, and then immediately stops loading and closes the link.
    09-29-2016 12:21 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Is it trying to open the link in the browser or in the app? Try going to the App Manager, select the browser, and Clear Defaults. Then see if it prompts you to select an app to open the link.
    09-29-2016 01:58 PM
  3. anon(9983233)'s Avatar
    Could be the origination or the sensitivity of your device hasn't been fine tuned to pick up on the small linked buttons in odd places. Try turning the device at a different origination vertical/horizontal and try the link button again. If it matters.. Try using the web app as an alternate means of connecting to and through the link.. by login to your email and checking the link that way.
    09-29-2016 02:18 PM

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