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    Just got my new lg rebel smart phone. The microphone icon does not appear on the keyboard. I went into settings and google voice typing is set to automatic. How do I get it to appear on the keyboard?

    My model is lgl44vl
    09-29-2016 04:46 PM
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    Congrads on joining the Rebel Club.

    Locate the keyboard when selecting the web browser as seen here:

    Take note of the small "gear" icon in the lower left corner of the key board. Tap/Hold the gear icon for less than a sec or until you hear the notification sound. then release your tap.

    After which, the screen could look like this:

    However in the event that you do not see the mic, you will need to access the Settings > App Manager and locate the Mic app, Key board app and the voice app and verify that all apps are functioning correctly. This could mean, force stopping or disabling for a short time and cleaning the cache or data folders.

    IMPORTANT: The Mic option is only available when using particular apps which allow for it. Also the voice app, mic app need to be regularly maintained as to allow for this option to function correctly.

    BTW: Create an account and I'll invite you to our group:

    Android Rebel Nation
    09-29-2016 06:19 PM

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