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    I have a Sony Xperia Z3v (D6708). I've had it since May of this year (my original one from January 2014 broke and I received a replacement).

    In the past few months, it has been resetting/restarting on its own. There isn't a common reason behind why -- sometimes it happens suddenly while I'm using the phone, sometimes the phone freezes and won't respond for a minute before restarting, and sometimes it happens when I'm not using it at all, I'll look over at it and it will be rebooting.

    Also, sometimes it takes just a minute to start back up, and when it boots it goes back to whatever I was doing, with the same apps open and same notifications. Other times, it takes a lot longer, and goes to a screen that says "Android (TM) is starting... Optimizing app XXX of 244..."

    I haven't contacted Sony or Verizon about this yet. I'm wondering if anybody has an idea for a fix, or maybe has encountered the same issue.
    10-02-2016 11:57 AM

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