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    Last week my girlfriends Huawei P8 Lite suddenly started bootlooping. She noticed this when she picked it up from the table after not having touched it for an hour or so, so we can't be sure how it happened, but I assume the phone might have been installing an ota update and the battery died meanwhile. Can this be?

    Anyway, it doesn't get any further than a bootloop now. It shows the recovery screen with the three options: 1. Reboot system now 2. Wipe data/factory reset 3: Wipe cache partition
    After showing this screen for like half a minute, it reboots again, every time.
    Choosing option 2 doesn't help anything; the factory reset succeeds but it just boots and loops the same way again.

    When I plug the phone into my computer it gives me these options: 1. Reboot 2. Download new version and recovery 3. Shutdown.
    Again for half a minute or so and bootlooping. When I choose option 2 it says 'Download and recovery', and if I do that it always get stuck at '5% installing update'. No change there either.

    So I thought I'll try to locally update/fresh install by downloading the latest EMUI and putting the dload>update.app into the root of the SD card. I found on the web that you then have to boot the phone by pressing volume up+volume down+power button to install a local update, BUT unfortunately the volume up button of this phone is broken since a couple of weeks ...

    Does someone have any idea how I can fix this phone? Perhaps an other way to locally install an update without the use of the volume up button?

    Thanks in advance!
    10-03-2016 04:55 AM

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