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    I have been using Oneplus one for like 1 year or so, and its a beast. OK without wasting time i have a problem:

    1) it reboots continuously when at Boot animation, things i have already done>>

    a)factory reset,
    b)installed various other roms,
    c)did unbrick technique,
    d)flashed stock rom using ADB shell,
    e)Erased and flashed persist.img,
    F)contacted support team, they took a Remote session but all in vain

    Phew!!! but no luck


    it reboots only when i flash Android version 5.0 or higher.
    On kitkat it works fine what could be the reason, This a'int a hardware problem i guess .

    Bonus query :

    When i got the oneplus after flashing many roms,
    I noticed it shows only 1869 MB ram while its 3 GB (should be 2556 mb or so),

    and 2.5/2,7 Gb in android version 5.0 or higher,

    10-03-2016 09:04 AM

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