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    I switched to project Fi and got a nexus 6p a few weeks ago. My coworker who also has a 6p has been complaining for months about his phone not being able to use the wifi at work but it's fine everywhere else. I thought his phone was just bad until I experienced the exact same thing.

    my work has a guest wifi system via aerohive which has a registration page you must fill out to get access to guest wireless. Our phones seem to only have a problem with this guest registration page process. they both work everywhere else flawlessly. I get prompted for the registration page, fill out the required fields with old or new info, then hit register and most times it redirects to 'web internal server error' or maybe after a few tries i can connect but it will ask me to connect again the next or same day instead of 5 days later like the system is designed and works for other phones.

    So we tried going down the aerohive route but literally other phone models in the office have zero problems with the registration and stay registered for 5 days. it's just our nexus 6Ps that seem to not handle it right. any thoughts?
    10-03-2016 09:22 AM
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    'web internal server error' means that there's an error in the code on the page. (You'll have to check the Apache error log on the server to find out what the problem is.) Why only your phones? They might be "saying" something that the server isn't expecting. At any rate, it can only be fixed by being there, not from here.
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    10-05-2016 01:40 PM

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