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    I am confused between S7 Active and S7 with Exynos processor. Would really like to know what you guys think. These are some points that have kept me in this limbo:

    1. Scratches and Scuffs: Plan to use this phone for atleast 2 years but I am afraid S7A will look really bad if I drop it multiple times as the outer material on S7A can be scuffed. I would rather put a good protective case on the regular S7 and change the case if it becomes unusable.

    2. Batteries: One of the main reasons why S7A is popular is because of its huge battery (4000mAh compared to the S7's 3000mAh). However, I read in multiple blogs that S7 Exynos battery life is significantly better than the S7 with Snapdragon. Since S7A is only with Snapdragon, would like to know how it compares to S7 with Exynos.

    3. Cost: I am able to find a new S7 with exynos for $550 on Amazon where as S7A is $800.

    I am sure this question is relevant for those who are looking to buy an S7A. TIA.
    10-03-2016 03:27 PM

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