1. McVitas's Avatar
    Hello, I really wonder if this is a general problem of Android OS architecture or it is just my Xperia Z5 compact (I know it is really slow - octacore with just 2GB of RAM...)
    It really bothers me when I take a photo, tap the little miniature to view it if it is fine or I should take it again and it takes frikin 3-4seconds to show! Seriously what the heck? It does not seem to matter if I set the camera to store photos on SD or internal memory. The pictures have usually 1-2MBs. MicroSD UHS-1 is theoretically writing at 10MB/s and reading at 30MB/s, so please don't event try to tell me that it's a problem of nowadays slow storage technologies I have complained to my friend and he tested what it does on his Samsung Galaxy S4 (I know it is much older...) and the result was the same! The pics we took had both just 8Mpix, so why wasn't my phone much faster with that? Why am I that upset you might ask - because once I have taken photos with my sister's Huawei Ascend W1 which is an ancient Windows Phone! And guess what - it was like 5times faster! My Xperia is clearly doing some silly crazy thinking (and battery draining) before showing me the photo I just took, otherwise it does not make any sense. Please tell me how long does it take for you to view the photo right after you took it. Maybe it is really a Sony's fault... I don't want to pay crazy money for a fruit phone or buy a MS phone with no apps just to finally have some device which is not laggy all the time
    10-04-2016 02:20 PM
  2. McVitas's Avatar
    I just installed Camera FV-5 and showing of the last taken picture seems much faster, so it is a problem of Sony camera app. How do the other manufacturers default camera apps behave? Sony phone owners please share experience with your phones.
    10-04-2016 02:27 PM

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