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    This error has been giving me trouble for the past 2 weeks, I can normally sort stuff out pretty quickly but I'm stuck with this one.

    Whenever I put my 128gb micro sd into my Huawei P9 Lite it says that there is an error and requires me to format it. If the format is successful it requires me to re-format it some time after, otherwise it says that the SD was removed and it will have to do it again.

    After putting the SD in the phone it no longer works in my laptop (needed to transfer all of my music files).
    I know that the issue doesn't lie with the laptop as I use it for other non-phone SD cards and have never had an issue.
    I think it's unlikely to be the Sd card as after a week of failing with the first one I purchased another one; I guess it is possible that I have bought two bad SD cards but the first was SanDisk and the second Samsung so I'm not buying cheap ones
    and again, have never had SD problems in the past.

    I have reset the phone to factory settings multiple times, tried in and out of developer mode, tried with media monkey and music bee to sync directly to the phone with the SD in (no trouble with syncing to the phone's internal storage but obviously 16gb is not enough), tried manually dragging and dropping the files on my laptop (get's an error or seems to work fine then stops working when put in the phone). I've also tried the SD directly in the laptp SD drive and with a usb adapter.

    I've cleared the cache on the phone, done multiple system reboots, played around with different settings, I can't think of anything else. I'm also using the recommended SD format.

    Nothing on youtube has an answers which is why I'm posting here. I know there's a lot of info there but I didn't want to miss anything out.

    10-04-2016 09:59 PM
  2. mrcameronlee's Avatar
    anyone? (that's me above by the way)
    10-05-2016 06:38 PM
  3. linda777's Avatar
    I cannot transfer photos from Huawei P) Lite to laptop, Acer, win 10. Laptop just don't see them.
    01-24-2017 08:25 AM

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