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    Hello my name is lance! Im new and not android up to date or knowledgable so i apologize.i ill try to describe this or these issues the best i can.when i go to the top box area to search a subject or site sometimes the phone will load or find the page fast at least i think its fast.i might go up to search another subject or site and the little bar will slide over,stop and a display pops up and says couldnt establish secure connection! I might refresh once and work or not.try other sites no use,go back to site i was just on same thing.restart phone and the last site stored in search area might load or i might hit refresh and it loads.also if i do get a page/site to load a box appears often stating l"network ".that box appears often while a page is working .certain sites seem to load almost always .one site/forum loads poorly but works and in the background says web page not available.i have very little stored,the sd card is out,i have to restart frequent,the phone never gets warm and removing battery same results.im an industrial technician so i can follow your instructions lol and if i need to explain more i sure will.i do alot of research on my phone and its a good phone (outdated)and im pretty sure these issues are recognizable to folks like you techno savvy. So thank you in advance for any help you might give me! Lance.
    10-06-2016 06:36 AM

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