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    I have a blackberry priv. My screen cracked and is also separating from the device. Under the glass part of the screen is well... more screen. The display under the cracked glass looks fine, it is also touch sensitive. Since replacements cost $250 I figured I would just ship off the glass and deal with whatever was underneath (after a good cleaning of course). Well I didn't get too far but now the home, back, and tab buttons are unresponsive. Why is this? They are touch screen buttons just like the rest of the phone. The rest of the phone still works. The worst of the crack is on the mid right side of the device and that still works perfectly.

    So why are these buttons not working? Is it due to the crack and why? Figured it could be a cable under the screen that got disconnected but that doesn't seem to be the case since I can see most of what is underneath by lifting the screen from the device.

    In the meantime, I have to reboot my phone every time I want to open a different app. Is there any temporary fix to this similar to the "bubble" apple offers? I wasn't able to find anything in the settings maybe some third party app someone could recommend? Should I keep chipping away in hope that the complete removal of the glass fixes the issue?
    10-06-2016 10:52 AM
  2. kurchak31's Avatar
    Quick edit: When on my lockscreen the dialer, unlock, and camera shortcuts still work so I know the bottom portion of the device is responsive.
    10-06-2016 10:55 AM
  3. anon(632115)'s Avatar
    You ask many questions but without being able to examine the device they can't be answered, sorry. For a proper diagnosis it should be given to a competent professional to examine.
    10-06-2016 12:13 PM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Test the screen using Screen Touch Test or something similar to see if the touch sensitivity in that area is gone.
    10-06-2016 03:22 PM

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