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    Hi all,
    I got one of those cheap android boxes off amazon. You know the ones "octo-core, 8 million core, 6 terabyte ram, bla bla bla" piece of plastic jobbies.
    Anyway, Im no fool, I know they are kinda cheapy and shady, but I was just sick and tired of my locked down fire stick and wanted to give it a try.

    Anyway, my question -

    It's come to my attention that it's only possible to install apps off the regular Play store, which is of corse all optimised for phones/tablets. So a bit crap with a remote, sometimes missing some features, etc.

    I have really spent the last afternoon scouring the web seeing if there is a way to install either Android TV, or at least the Android TV store. But i literally can't find a mention of anyone having the same question.

    Am I being totally stupid??

    I suppose I could pick the apps I really want a TV version for and manually install the APK's? But it would be nice to have the full TV experience if possible.

    Oh by the way, the box in question - "RUPA M8S Pro Android 5.1 TV Box" (forum won't let me put in a link)

    Thanks a lot!
    10-06-2016 02:37 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Try Apps for Android TV.

    BTW, until you create an account and have 10 posts, you can't post links.
    10-06-2016 03:04 PM
  3. drzoidy's Avatar
    Hmm yea I found that before, but that is the apps which would be available on the Android TV Play Store right? I have no way of accessing them through my normal play store, and even now through a browser it tells me "This app is incompatible with all of your devices." (and the tv box is in the drop down list)
    10-06-2016 03:09 PM
  4. drzoidy's Avatar
    bump... anyone?

    I tried to do it via the amazon App Store,using the fire tv filter, but it automatically installs phone version apps
    10-07-2016 08:59 AM
  5. drzoidy's Avatar
    No-one really? I find it hard to believe - amazon is so swamped with the cheap boxes and no one is complaining about it...? I literally can't find any mention of it anywhere...
    10-08-2016 04:13 PM

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