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    I just got a Moto G4 Plus and have a two problems with notifications.

    1. When I get a notification, I only hear the sound, and the icon shows up in the status bar. Nothing appears on screen (banner/pop up) where I can read the text etc. I have to slide down the notification screen to see the notification. Anyone know why this is? I have a Pebble watch connected, and the notification text shows there - but that shouldn't prevent the phone from displaying it like normal?

    2. On the lock screen, I only get icons for the notifications. I have to hold the icon to see the notification text. I want the notifications to display fully on the lock screen without needing to touch the icon.
    I checked the app notification settings, and they are all set to "Normal" with "Allow peeking" enabled.
    10-06-2016 02:44 PM

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