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    I have being using my Samsung TabE as WiFi Hotspot for 3 months & never picked up a problem.
    Recently there's a barrier in between them. My G4 can't connect to Internet via my TabE WiFi or Bluetooth. Normal Bluetooth files do pass but not Internet Access anymore. The Internet tick goes off automatically, When trying via TabE's Wi-Fi I get an error saying "Wi-Fi Connection Failure" on my LG G4 Screen. However, this LG G4 of mine connefts successfully via any other Wi-Fi Hotspot in same area. I updated both devices software's, tried connecting them at various different places, even different cities but I still cannot get them to work together like before anymore. The TabE works fine if connected via LG G4 if G4 becomes Hotspot but nothing works vice-versa.
    Has my Samsung TabE Blocked Internet Connectivity of my LG G4 phone?
    10-06-2016 07:30 PM

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