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    Hi, I'm currently using Galaxy S4 I337M (Canadian)
    This one have been working as my play device (whatever I can do to be harsh on it...)
    Anyway, for that reason, I have installed custom rom, rooted, OC kernel, other rom, another one... and so on. But one day, this guy was behaving weirdly soon after sending lots of Bluetooth traffic to my PC. That is listening to music from the phone via PC speaker.
    Suddenly an error caused a force reboot then the Bluetooth was permanently disabled! I could not push it back on even with terminal command, so I thought "Okay, I give up. I'll just clean install another rom maybe a marshmallow?"
    So I did install resurrection remix rom and there comes another problem, Wi-Fi is dropping off!
    Wi-Fi drop off happened every random minutes after boot and turning Wi-Fi back on cannot happen until a reboot is made.
    Mate seriously? okay then, I'll start from scratch. I will install stock rom and then root, custom rom, etc.
    So I installed stock rom and new problem arise.

    Charging animation while device is off is still from one the custom rom I used previously. As well as following text showing up every boot

    Set Warranty Bit: Kernel (yellow)

    and for recovery

    Booting recovery (blue)
    Set Warranty Bit: Recovery (yellow)

    Although I installed stock rom through Odin v3.07.

    and Wi-Fi is not working, Bluetooth as well.
    I tried installing custom rom again Wi-Fi works but then still dropping few minutes after boot.

    What I tried:
    On Odin, I chose various options including Auto Reboot, Re-Partition (with PIT file), F. Reset Time, Nand Erase All, Phone Bootloader Update, Phone EFS clear. Then flashing of the rom was made in total of 4 times
    once with Bootloader, once with PDA, once with Phone, Once with CSC, all with same file (I337MVLUAMDJ_I337MOYAAMDJ_I337MVLUAMDJ_HOME.tar.md5)
    that's from my carrier. But still all the problems wouldn't go away.

    Finally my question:
    How do I completely replace Kernel?
    10-08-2016 09:14 AM
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    Hi, were you able to resolve this issue?
    10-14-2016 04:54 AM

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