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    I have had a Moto 360 Sport for around 2 months and have never been quite satisfied with how/where my data is stored. About a week ago I set Moto Body to sync data to Google Fit which seemed work quite well after I turned off the option "activity detection" in GFit. The steps, calories and heart rate graphs were all populated with data from Moto Body. Workouts however, didn't sync properly. On closer inspection, all my runs (tracked in the Moto Body app on the watch) that were less than half an hour synced fine to GFit but those longer than 30 mins did not sync at all.
    I've tried disconnecting and reconnecting GFit and Moto Body and I've also restarted my watch and my phone a few times as well. Ideally I want to just use GFit but I can't find a way to start an ordinary workout from my watch and it doesn't seem to track my heart rate through the workout.

    Software versions:
    Google Fit on phone - v1.59.15-108
    Moto Body on phone - v1.0.5.11
    Moto 360 Sport build number - M1D63M
    Phone is a Oneplus 2, unrooted running Android 6.0.1

    Any help is greatly appreciated as this is getting to be extremely frustrating.

    Many thanks, Matt.
    10-09-2016 03:31 AM

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