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    Hey guys,

    My note 4 died (void warranty) last weekend and in the meantime I'm using a Nokia 1020 from a friend in absence of my phone.
    I'm looking for a replacement and seriously considering either the S7 Edge for about 790$AU or a preorder on the Pixel 32gb for 1079$.
    I'm having trouble deciding between the two phones, and I want to find a replacement soon because I miss the android ecosystem and apps (Windows phone is poor)
    I would just purchase an s7 edge but I'm slightly concerned about it's age, and also fragmentation with app updates (such as Snapchat which performed rather poorly on my Note 4). The pixel is enticing me not for it's hardware but rather continued Google preferential support into the future and the advantages this has for efficient operation and longevity. My budget is around up to 1K as a student and any help deciding or other ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    10-09-2016 04:21 AM

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