1. AC Question's Avatar

    I have been trying to play a .mkv file on my Samsung Galaxy S5.
    I have tried both VLC, MX player and MKV player from PLay store.
    I can play some MKV files but the one i have (star trek tng episodes) is not playing.
    Both MKV player, VLC and MX player stops.

    I have tried to convert it to different formats for Android using VLC for pc. But no matter what format i choose(even the ones for android) its not possible to play them on either vlc or androids own player.

    I have tried all the different aproaches from diferent forums, but nothing helps :-(

    I am at a lost of what to do and im getting kinda tired of it not working.
    I hope that some of you have an idea of why it isnt working :-)

    10-09-2016 10:32 AM
  2. Kaiylar's Avatar
    Hi, sorry but I don't know why that may be happening. Maybe try calling Samsung customer support - they may be able to help troubleshoot your problem.
    10-09-2016 10:57 AM
  3. Johnny Bjerring's Avatar
    Samsung support wont be able to help me, since the phone dosnt support MKV as standard.
    10-09-2016 02:33 PM

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