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    I have a WiFi-AC compatible computer and I mostly use my phone as Hotspot, in fact most of my 10GB/month are used that way. And I don't use it that much a part for calling while working, I'm not interested at all in photos, movies, games and whatever non professional use of the phone. I need something reliable and as fast as possible for web browsing/hotspot in 4G+ (LTE-A).

    If I'm interested in a new phone it's primarily because mine is not 4G compatible.
    My operator just added 4G+ so, it's time to pull the trigger.

    I can't find any direct comparison between these two on the network side.

    The two are LTE-A compliant so technically they should down/up-load at the same speed, do they ?
    What about their performance in hotspot mode (the most important for me) ?
    Nexus 5X is AC compatible while P9 Lite is only N compatible, so in theory the P9 Lite won't be able to give the true 4G+ performance as Hotspot ?

    We all know that 4G+ (300mbps) won't be as fast as advertised but on the other side WiFi N is caped at 54mbps in single antenna ?

    So I would be really interested by a real life test from someone who as either or the two of them.

    10-10-2016 03:35 AM

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