1. AC Question's Avatar
    Since a system update a couple of days ago, my yahoo email does not update new emails whenever it's opened, as it used to do beforehand. Is there a 'refresh' button somewhere I don't know about?

    I have only started using a smartphone in the last few months, so even the simplest of fixes may be unknown to me.
    10-12-2016 06:02 AM
  2. jasonandrews25788's Avatar
    From a Home screen, tap Apps > Settings > Accounts.
    Note These instructions apply to Standard mode only.
    Tap the account type (e.g., Email, Google, etc.).
    Tap the account.
    linote Multiple accounts may appear.
    Turn the sync settings on or off as applicable.
    linote A setting is turned on when a check mark is present and settings may vary depending upon account type.
    linote To turn on master sync for all account types:
    Navigate Notifications panel (drag down from the top).
    Tap the Notifications icon Notification icon (located in the upper-right).
    Tap Sync.
    10-12-2016 06:35 AM
  3. maritai's Avatar
    I had a problem with my yahoo mail yesterday that lasted for several hours, it wouldn't update the mail on either my phones or my tablets, and I couldnt open mail that I had already recieved, but not opened yet, but it is working now. Try again.
    10-12-2016 08:39 AM

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