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    I have a Samsung Galax7 s7. I partitioned the SD card into two equal partitions- one for external card access and the other for adoptable storage. The process went fine and I can now install apps on the adopted partition. However, I'm still running low on RAM because some apps can't transfer. I still have plenty of space on the adopted partition. I'd like to be able to move some Android data directories to the adoptable storage to free up more internal RAM. Are any root directories safe to move? I'm not talking about moving more apps or their data. I'm talking about Android directories that are in the root area of RAM. I can use explorer to move them. That's not the problem. I want to know what can be moved, if anything from the base RAM storage to the adopteed partition.

    Thanks in advance for any help or answers.

    10-14-2016 12:35 AM

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