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    I've already got in touch with LG Portugal where I live about this and they just said they had never received any complaints about the matter.
    The fact is that though when queried the USB Virtual Modem responds as FCLASS(0,1) it does not understand any of the fax commands for sending, receiving, or even setting or querying modulation schemes for FAX transmission, and they are as well not even defined in the driver's .inf file as per Microsoft they should be.
    Can I expect to be able to send and/or receive faxes with this cellphone or not ?
    Interestingly the LG Virtual USB Modem driver has been dropped in the newest driver pack 4.1.1 from LG, so I'm using the ones present on 3.6 but they have never worked however.
    10-14-2016 04:47 PM

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