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    I got new phone: Huawei P9 Lite. I bugged it in to my car (Audi A4) aux with aux cable and there was buzzing in the sound. I have used many Nokia phones and never had this kind of problem. Tried with different cable and no changes. Tried also my friend's similar phone and there was also background humming, different, but it was clearly there.

    When I connected my charger to phone at the same time the humming become even louder and also i heard awful scratchy / screechy noise.

    I tried it in different car (skoda) and the sound was clear and nice. Also tried with friend's Huawei P9 in my car and the sound was nice and clear.

    I studied this issue and found out that broblem is with car together with that phone model. There has been similar problems with Iphone 4 and 4s. In Apple forum they have solved issue with Belkin's TuneBase Direct or Fiio L9 out Dock Cable, but did not find similar components/devices for Huawei. At least issue has something to do with grounding.

    So I bought Bluetooth and figured out that this solves problem. But no. There is again a buzzing sound in music. A different (very high noise), but there definitely is a disturbing noise. I tried with Lumia phone and yet again with this Bluetooth sound was clear and nice.

    Is there any other way to solve this issue?
    10-17-2016 01:06 AM
  2. PPKinnunen's Avatar
    After investigation I decided to by ground loop noise isolator. That was not expensive, and it WORKS with aux cable. Still with Bluetooth device sound is not good, so It may be another issue and I have a strong feeling, that this model of phone, is just not its strongest with sound quality.

    Anyway the issue is solved.
    11-01-2016 01:38 AM

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