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    Hi everyone, I have a Moto Z Force with the USB type C connector, which doesn't support MHL nor Miracast. I have the new Kenwood DNX-893S stereo in my car that supports Android mirroring, but only via MHL.

    I've lost hope in being able to broadcast audio and video from my phone to my car stereo AND be able to control the phone from the stereo's screen now that I find out this can only be done with MHL. So now I'm looking for a wireless way, if possible to transmit video (along with the associated audio) from by phone to my stereo screen via the HDMI input on the stereo.

    I know I can simply purchase a USB type C to HDMI cable and do it that way, but again, I'm hoping there's a technology (that my phone supports) to do this wireless and WITHOUT a Wi-Fi network connection. I don't want to use all of my phone's data broadcasting from the phone to the stereo using something like a Chromecast, using my phone as a Wi-Fi hot spot.

    It seems Miracast would have been a great option, but my phone does not support Miracast, nor can I find some type of Miracast adapter that I can plug into my phone that will send the video and audio to a Miracast HDMI receiver that I can plug into the back of my stereo.

    Am a SOL with what I'm hoping to do, is there something out there that I can wireless send video to my stereo's HDMI input without a network connection? Thanks in advance!
    10-17-2016 09:54 AM

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