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    I bought a tablet from this Avalue with Android 4.4.4. There is no PlayStore app and I also can't download it. After some search on the web I manually downloaded the PlayStore apk, allowed unsafe downloaded apps, and installed it.

    Now there is a PlayStore icon, however, if I click on it, it opens and closes right away (without error message). I cleared the data and cache and rebooted. It didn't solve the problem though. Somewhere I read that I have to enable it in the settings, but I don't have this button.

    Also, I can't install anything. If I go to the PlayStore form the browser and download an app, it tells me that it will be downloaded onto my device soon, then it shows up on the browser page as installed, but it's not on my device.

    Any idea on how to solve this?
    10-17-2016 07:01 PM

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