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    I have a Moto X Play, which is very nice. My wife's phone is getting some issues, so I'm thinking on maybe upgrading to the Z Play and leaving the X Play to my wife.

    The main differences I see (from paper) are:
    1. Build materials (metal/glass vs plastic).
    2. Better processor.
    3. I don't know about the camera, maybe a little better because of the auto focus tech).
    4. More RAM and Storage.
    5. Amoled vs IPS.

    She's not too much into tech, so she just wants a reliable phone.
    10-18-2016 07:55 PM
  2. anon(9801888)'s Avatar
    Hello. it should be more fluid with a super efficient SD625 processor / SoC made with smaller thingummybob wotsit sizes (sorry to be so technical!). it is at least 35% more efficient than the 617, so better again than the SD615.

    It has a better Amoled display, imo: not super bright in sunlight but better with blacks and less power sapping. BVoth phones are still on the motorola website so you can compare.
    You also have the option of attaching Mods to the back pins, like a battery pack, Hasselblad camera, JBL speaker or a projector attachment.

    See this review:

    Moto Z Play review: The best phone you'll probably overlook | Android Central

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