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    I am using a Samsung Galaxy S7. I'm noticing that all the cells that show up in my Recent list are either in one of my two defined Areas or they are coming up "No signal/Unknown". It looks like it reports a -1:-1:-1 whenever I am leaving one of my Areas.

    The problem is that my Llama's behavior after a -1:-1:-1 is erratic: sometimes 30 minutes go by before Llama records another cell, and sometimes it's more like 6 hours. So in the morning, when I leave my "Near Home" Area for work, I get a -1:-1:-1 about 2 minutes after I leave, and when I get to my "Work" Area, Llama hasn't recorded any new cells since the -1:-1:-1 so it thinks I'm still at "Near Home". (I have Llama set to stay in an Area even if it polls a -1:-1:-1.)

    Googling for answers for this kind of issue is maddening. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    10-19-2016 11:58 AM

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