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    Hi AC Community,

    I'm new here (just registered, but at work right now). Here's a stumper. I picked up the S7 back in July (AT&T). Great phone overall, but I've recently noticed several odd things. The biggest one happened this morning: ghost texting. I turned on the phone to write and send a text, made a typo, and hit the delete button. Instead of deleting, random letters were being added. Home button didn't work, recent apps button didn't work, and the gibberish just continued. At this point, I watched as my Contacts app was opened and seemingly random people selected to start a new draft of a text...all without any input from me. I tried powering it down, but hitting the 'Power off' button seemed to only pause the ghost texts as it went right back to typing gibberish. I was able to get the phone to restart, and upon reopening Messages, found that it had drafted 12 gibberish texts to different people (luckily, none sent). All seemed okay until 20 minutes later when the phone started it up again. Another restart and all seems okay, for now. I've had other issues with texts where the last-typed key will stick, but it's never commandeered the phone like this. Also, I've noticed the phone gets pretty warm, well hot. More often than not, I'm just holding the phone or notice the heat after picking it up (i.e. sitting unused for a while).

    Any thoughts as to why any of this might be happening? What should I do? Thank you!
    10-19-2016 02:25 PM

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