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    I recently updated my Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.1 to Mashmallow. The functionality to move applications to SD card has disappeared. I then installed the Android Visual package to access the adb function. After passing in debug mode, I started the adb shell
    Then the function sm list-disk returned disk:179,32
    I also did the list-volumes which returned public:179,33
    I checked the connection with the tablet by doing the unmont : sm unmount public:179,33 and the SD was unmounted
    I mounted the SD with sm mount public:179:33 and the SD was mounted. I event formatted the disk with sm format and all functions work.
    The function sm partition disk:179,32 private return without error message but I cannot see the difference on my tablet. What is wrong with the sm partition disk with the Samsung tab S 10.1?
    10-21-2016 07:48 PM

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