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    In 2014 I got my first computer . I'm 57 and never had learned how . It was a Dell latitude laptop . I had to have it wiped and reprogrammed 3 Times in the 3 years I owed it . The last attack was so violent it caused my screen to burn up . They can change my passwords , settings , emails , steal money from my debit card , write words . They were able to disable the keys on my keyboard . I had my internet shut off and bought myself a smartphone . Before I could learn how to use it they locked me out using the pin number to unlock the phone . That has happened 6 Times in 5 months . I have learned of one way these people used . Inabled my hotspot , put on a password and all . Now I have a ZTE , 2 LG style 2 , a Samsung galaxy6 . And a Kyocera lollipop also an outreach . I lost approx3000 In data and buying new phones to have the police treat me like a nut case . The lady manager at cricket locked me out of the store saying I kept forgetting my passwords after I bought 2 phones in less than a month from them . I was assured at cricket , Sprint , boost mobile and now AT&T I could not be hacked with their services . The same night I got the ZTE I was infiltrated . It's been a nightmare on elm street in my life omg . I have so much proof now it's pityfull I'm calling a lawyer and intend to sue officials who hurt me and helped the hackers !?? It's hard to prove but I just was given back my 170$ from my netspend after waiting and much troublesome issues to stand against and lol I only had a 7 th grade education ! There were no computers back in the day . So , God Bless anyone else who may be suffering from hackers. I know I can't be the only one amen ? Thank you for your time . I don't know what to do but someone out there dose ! Omg .
    10-22-2016 07:56 AM
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    Welcome to the forums. Can you describe what was happening on the phones? Do you have your own private WiFi? Is there a strong password on it?
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    10-22-2016 08:50 AM

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