1. AC Question's Avatar
    I need to fly and want to use my S4 temporarily just for the trip. I'm in Southern California, at&t is my provider. Is this as simple as plugging in a SIM?

    Thank you
    10-22-2016 09:30 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    With AT&T (or TMobile), yes. A GSM phone only needs to have radios compatible with the carrier. If it's an AT&T S4, it'll work. (If it's a TMobile S4, or an international S4, it may and it may not - but it won't hurt anything if you swap the SIM and try it - and it doesn't work. Just put the SIM back into the S7.)

    (If it was a CDMA phone - Verizon or Sprint - it's not that simple - the phone's electronic serial number has to be in the carrier's database - and they won't add your phone.)
    10-22-2016 02:47 PM

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