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    I dropped my phone in a pot of water. Immediately pulled phone out and dried it off, the sat phone in rice for hours. After 5 or so hours my phone came on but my screen was faded, and then it went out. after letting phone sit over night, I turned phone on the samsung intro came on then before it gets to home screen it goes completely black. NO water reached my battery but my s pen was wet, Completely. Everything still works great on the phone except for screen. I cleaned mother board with 91% isopropyl alcohol but nothing. What to do??
    10-23-2016 05:38 PM
  2. nahoku's Avatar
    Hate to say it but the phone is probably kaput! If you start chasing the failure you may end up changing more components than the phone is worth. Water damage is sort of final.

    The best you might be able to do is look for photos on Google of the USB prompt screen that allows you to switch to MTP or PTP mode when you plug the phone into a PC. Then blindly see if you can switch the phone to MTP mode to access and backup your data to the PC... providing of course the touchscreen and USB connection actually still work.
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    10-24-2016 02:25 AM
  3. Rukbat's Avatar
    See Oh, no! My Phone got Wet!. Rice has ruined more cellphones than bullets, dropping and all other ways of breaking them combined.
    10-24-2016 05:14 PM

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